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Advance manufactures a large range of agricultural adhesive tapes. Our Agritape® products are tough tapes especially made to withstand the outdoors and temperature extremes.

Our tapes can be used in various agriculture applications including:
• Sealing of bandages and dressings on animals.
• Identification of livestock.
• Colour coding and identification of machinery and storage areas.
• Sealing of gaps in trailers and other equipment containing grain.
• Repair of tractor seating.
• Sealing and repair of sacks, packaging and sileage sheeting.
• Silage film repair.

Our full range is shown below.

Products : AgricultureNeed Help?

Tape Name Product Reference Product Type    
AT4 General Purpose PVC Tape AT0004 PVC View >
AT5 Jointing PVC Tape AT0005 PVC View >
AT7 PVC Electrical Insulation Tape AT0007 PVC View >
AT8 Lane Marking Tape AT0008 PVC View >
AT8H Hazard Warning Tape AT0008H PVC View >
AT9 PVC Duct Sealing Tape AT0009 PVC View >
AT30 Polythene Tape AT0030 Polythene View >
AT42 PVC Vapour Barrier/Protection Tape AT0042 PVC View >
AT77 All Weather PVC Electrical Insulation Tape AT0077 PVC View >
AT121 Rayon Cloth Tape AT0121 Cloth Tape View >
AT160 Premium Quality Matt Waterproof Cloth Tape AT0160 Cloth Tape View >
AT163 Thermosetting Duct Tape AT0163 Cloth Tape View >
AT171 PCL Tape AT0171 Cloth Tape View >
AT175 High Quality Gloss Waterproof Cloth Tape AT0175 Cloth Tape View >
AT180 Premium Quality Gloss Waterproof Cloth Tape AT0180 Cloth Tape View >
AT293 Premier Closure Plate Tape AT0293 Cloth Tape View >
AT319 Double Sided PVC Tape AT0319 Double Sided View >
AT505 Agritape® Silage Sheeting Tape AT0505 PVC View >
AT507 Agritape® PVC Electrical Tape AT0507 PVC View >
AT556 Agripatch® Silage Patches AT0556 Polythene View >
AT559 PE-Agritape for silage films AT0559 Polythene View >
AT560 Agritape® Identity Tape AT0560 Cloth Tape View >
AT563 Agritape® Heavy Duty Sealing Tape AT0563 Cloth Tape View >
AT566 Agritape® General Purpose Repair Tape AT0566 Cloth Tape View >
AT575 Agritape® Quick Fix Repair Tape AT0575 Cloth Tape View >
AT1005 OPP Packaging Tape AT1005 Polypropylene View >
AT6102 Polythene Protection Tape AT6102 Polythene View >
AT6103 Clear Polythene Tape AT6103 Polythene View >
AT6150 Polythene Vapour Barrier/Protection Tape AT6150 Polythene View >
AT6200 Orange Building Tape AT6200 Cloth Tape View >
AT6300 60°C Paper Masking Tape AT6300 Masking View >
AT6301 80°C Paper Masking Tape AT6301 Masking View >
32 Results : Agriculture

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