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Building and Construction

Advance offers a comprehensive portfolio of Cloth, PVC, Polythene, Foil, Masking and Double Sided products for indoor and outdoor applications have been developed for every trade throughout the construction or repair process.
Specially designed for the requirements of the building and construction industry, our tapes guarantees extra performance, resistance and reliability.

Our tapes can be used in various building applications including:
• Duct tape for quick repair.
• Joining and Sealing ducting.
• Joining and sealing polythene sheeting.
• Sealing bags.
• Protection and masking of delicate surfaces.
• Electrical Insulation.
• Temporary bundling.
• Pipewrap.

Our full range is shown below.

Products : BuildingNeed Help?

Tape Name Product Reference Product Type    
AT5 Jointing PVC Tape AT0005 PVC View >
AT7 PVC Electrical Insulation Tape AT0007 PVC View >
AT8 Lane Marking Tape AT0008 PVC View >
AT8H Hazard Warning Tape AT0008H PVC View >
AT9 PVC Duct Sealing Tape AT0009 PVC View >
AT10 PVC Heavy Duty Pipewrap Tape AT0010 PVC View >
AT20 PVC Extra Heavy Duty Pipewrap Tape AT0020 PVC View >
AT27 Translucent Repair Tape AT0027 PVC View >
AT30 Polythene Tape AT0030 Polythene View >
AT34 High Performance PVC Electrical Insulation Tape AT0034 PVC View >
AT42 PVC Vapour Barrier/Protection Tape AT0042 PVC View >
AT44 Low Tack PVC Protection Tape AT0044 PVC View >
AT45 Translucent Blue PVC Low Tack Protection Tape AT0045 PVC View >
AT66 PVC Protection Tape AT0066 PVC View >
AT68 Ribbed PVC Protection Tape AT0068 PVC View >
AT77 All Weather PVC Electrical Insulation Tape AT0077 PVC View >
AT85 Polythene Self Amalgamating Tape AT0085 Polythene View >
AT87 Polyisobutylene Self Amalgamating Tape AT0087 Polyisobutylene View >
AT88 PVC Shuttering Tape AT0088 PVC View >
AT121 Rayon Cloth Tape AT0121 Cloth Tape View >
AT122 High Tack White Rayon Cloth Tape AT0122 Cloth Tape View >
AT123 High Tack Black Rayon Cloth Tape AT0123 Cloth Tape View >
AT132 All Purpose High Tack Duct Tape AT0132 Cloth Tape View >
AT142 Cotton Cloth Protection Tape AT0142 Cloth Tape View >
AT159 High Quality Matt Waterproof Cloth Tape AT0159 Cloth Tape View >
AT160 Premium Quality Matt Waterproof Cloth Tape AT0160 Cloth Tape View >
AT163 Thermosetting Duct Tape AT0163 Cloth Tape View >
AT170 PCL Tape AT0170 Cloth Tape View >
AT171 PCL Tape AT0171 Cloth Tape View >
AT172 High Quality PCL Cloth Tape AT0172 Cloth Tape View >
AT175 High Quality Gloss Waterproof Cloth Tape AT0175 Cloth Tape View >
AT180 Premium Quality Gloss Waterproof Cloth Tape AT0180 Cloth Tape View >
AT182 Flame Retardant Cloth Tape AT0182 Cloth Tape View >
AT200 Ultra Matt Cloth Advance Gaffa® Tape AT0200 Cloth Tape View >
AT205 Matt Black Foil Gaffa® Tape AT0205 Foil View >
AT293 Premier Closure Plate Tape AT0293 Cloth Tape View >
AT302 Double Sided Cotton Cloth Tape AT0302 Double Sided View >
AT318 Double Sided Polyester Tape AT0318 Double Sided View >
AT319 Double Sided PVC Tape AT0319 Double Sided View >
AT324 Double Sided Differential PVC Tape AT0324 Double Sided View >
AT344 Double Sided Polyester Tape AT0344 Double Sided View >
AT412 Mono Filament Reinforced Strapping Tape AT0412 Polypropylene View >
AT414 Cross Woven Reinforced Strapping Tape AT0414 Polypropylene View >
AT500 40 Micron Aluminium Foil Tape AT0500 Foil View >
AT501 Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape AT0501 Foil View >
AT502 30 Micron Aluminium Foil Tape AT0502 Foil View >
AT505 Agritape® Silage Sheeting Tape AT0505 PVC View >
AT506 50 Micron Aluminium Foil Tape AT0506 Foil View >
AT559 PE-Agritape for silage films AT0559 Polythene View >
AT563 Agritape® Heavy Duty Sealing Tape AT0563 Cloth Tape View >
AT566 Agritape® General Purpose Repair Tape AT0566 Cloth Tape View >
AT712 Nuclear Tape AT0712 Cloth Tape View >
AT1005 OPP Packaging Tape AT1005 Polypropylene View >
AT2000 Anti Slip Tape AT2000 PVC View >
AT3400 High Performance PVC Electrical Insulation Tape AT3400 PVC View >
AT6000 PVC Building Tape AT6000 PVC View >
AT6102 Polythene Protection Tape AT6102 Polythene View >
AT6103 Clear Polythene Tape AT6103 Polythene View >
AT6150 Polythene Vapour Barrier/Protection Tape AT6150 Polythene View >
AT6160 High Tack PE Performance Tape AT6160 Polythene View >
AT6200 Orange Building Tape AT6200 Cloth Tape View >
AT6300 60°C Paper Masking Tape AT6300 Masking View >
AT6301 80°C Paper Masking Tape AT6301 Masking View >
63 Results : Building

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