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Adding more to adhesive tape

Double Sided

Advance offers a range of double sided tapes providing excellent high initial stick that enables two materials under stress to be held together very well, yet allow for repositioning within a short time of application.
Our double sided tapes have a release liner that protects the tape until ready for use. These liners are made of siliconised paper which enable them to be peeled from the carrier easily.

Please note that some tapes have a differential adhesive systems with one side designed to peel clean after short term contact with the substrate. When applying tape with a differential adhesive, careful note should be taken that the lower adhesion face is applied to the surface from which it needs to peel clean.

Our full range is shown below.

Products : Double SidedNeed Help?

Tape Name Product Reference Product Type    
AT302 Double Sided Cotton Cloth Tape AT0302 Double Sided View >
AT308 Double Sided Rayon Cloth Tape AT0308 Double Sided View >
AT318 Double Sided Polyester Tape AT0318 Double Sided View >
AT319 Double Sided PVC Tape AT0319 Double Sided View >
AT324 Double Sided Differential PVC Tape AT0324 Double Sided View >
AT344 Double Sided Polyester Tape AT0344 Double Sided View >
AT345 High Performance Double Sided PVC Tape AT0345 Double Sided View >
AT346 Double Sided PVC Tape AT0346 Double Sided View >
AT395 Reverse Wound Double Sided Transfer Tape AT0395 Double Sided View >
9 Results : Double Sided

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